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Launch the fun, easier and values-aligned way
with our game-changing Launch Experience Method®

Picture the scene… just 12 weeks from now…

You’re on the other side of an incredible launch

You’re reflecting on all the amazing moments that just unfolded during your launch – the sales, the perfect people who bought from you, the shift you felt as you stepped into becoming the leader you’re supposed to be.

You’re excited for your future, your customers are excited to work with you… you can’t wait to get to know them better and serve them.

You achieved so much over the past 12 weeks… building your audience, crafting the most incredible Launch Experience® for your audience, serving at your highest level and with new levels of confidence and energy.

It feels incredible to have finally found a way of selling that feels good… there was no icky feeling when you shared your offer.

Even when you faced challenges, you just kept stepping back into your best version of you and overcame them with more ease.

And this time – you didn’t feel burned out and stressed. In fact, you’ve never felt more energised and happier because your launch felt so aligned with you really are.

Sounds absolutely freaking amazing, right?

And it’s not just a dream, this is how we do launches at Love To Launch®.

#welovetolaunch because…

More sales and bigger profits

Selling without sleaze

Creates time freedom

More time serving

Aligned with your values

More return on effort

Increased expert status

New revenue streams

We have to do launches differently now

Launches have had to evolve.

Launch campaigns work well. Really well. As they’re becoming even more popular that naturally means more noise and more competition and we now have to do more to stand out online.

Add to that an ever-increasing overload of information online, social channels, apps and technology… it’s never been harder to capture and maintain attention when our audience are getting pulled in so many different directions!

But it doesn’t mean “harder work” – it just means we have to do things differently.

I discovered a way of launching that sent my conversions through the roof – that were lighter and easier and that I actually enjoyed hosting. Instead of creating launch campaigns…. I crafted Launch Experiences® – unmissable events with huge engagement and killer conversion rates.

People would leave my launch events saying things like “That was the most incredible online event I’ve ever attended!”.

When you deliver like that on your free content what do you think happens? Yes, the sales follow! And you’ll feel far more confident moving from the free content to your offer because of the value you brought to the table!

Over my years as a launch strategist I’ve developed our way of doing things into the Launch Experience Method® and taught it to people all over the world.

The Launch Experience Method® is our unique way of launching.

Too many people overcomplicate launches

“must do all the things”
It can be hard watching super-successful launches

On the frontend you see ALL the things that you think you’re supposed to be doing…

You end up creating a never-ending to-do list of things that aren’t going to have any real impact.

Spending your time tweaking, tinkering and battling tech instead of focusing on the real needle-movers.

Obsessing over Canva banners and fancy presentation slides, or which colour button works best.

Trying to fit your unique personality into a launch framework that doesn’t allow you to shine as the person you were really born to be.

And spending so much time faffing around with tech that you leave no room for audience building, so you throw some money into ads and hope for the best.

Resulting in crickets when you share your offer, exhaustion and “I hate launches”.

Meet your coach – Love To Launch founder Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips - Launch Strategist and Founder of Love to Launch
We’re taught “Hard work = Success”

Work hard at school, you get good grades.

Work hard in your job, you get promotions.

Work hard in business, you’ll make money.

I used to eat up the “hustle” mentality as if all my life depended on it. “If I just work harder, then I’ll get to that next level of success and then I’ll be happy”.

But the long hard slog crippled me with health issues. When I hit rock-bottom I vowed to change my life and started turning my knowledge into scalable offers and sold them using online launches.

To begin with my launches were stressful, chaotic and small – but a few accidental launches taught me a new way of doing things and they became lighter and more successful.

I went from being miserable and working constantly to being able to choose when I worked and I stopped having to take my laptop on holiday with me.

Selling your courses, programs, memberships and services does not need to be complex and I founded Love To Launch® to get this knowledge into the hands of people who are where I once was.

I’ve worked with complete newbies to some of the biggest names in the online world and took launch-fails to wild successes.

My mission is to teach you our way of doing things (creating Launch Experiences®) and to show you how to launch with more fun and with more ease.

Launches enabled me to create an easy and joyful life and they can for you too

There’s a much easier way to launch…

Let’s Launch Together® is a unique training and coaching program taking you through our Launch Experience Method® so you launch in 12 weeks.
Zero to launched with a stage-by-stage plan

We know what it takes to have launch success so we teach you how to implement the right strategies at the right time, and we keep you focused at each stage. Our program takes you from crafting a killer offer, to building an audience to hosting your very own launch experience, then we show you how to convert leads into sales and beyond into your launch debrief. We show you what works best at each stage and the right strategies for you, your market and your offer so you know exactly how to craft an amazing Launch Experience for your audience that has them queuing up to buy from you.


Week by week, Day by Day

Every week in the program you’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing as we guide you through with easy-to-follow training and checklists – then you can bring your questions and work to coaching calls and training sessions for feedback.

As we move into the stage of you hosting your launch experience for your audience we shift from weekly activities to daily activities to maximise your results – you’ll never be lost again on what you need to do and when, and you’ll get much better results because you’re focused on the most valuable activities instead of faffing with tools.


Launch materials make it faster and easier

We provide you with all the resources, swipes, tutorials and tech-guides so that all the tactical pieces are done with ease and speed. You don’t need to start from scratch and figure it out for yourself because we give you our tried and tested materials to use! Plus we’ll teach you the strategy behind them so you learn how to be a much better marketer along the way rather than being a cookie cutter version of someone else.


Coaching for constant support throughout

You’ll never feel alone or lost because we provide daily support, weekly coaching calls, accountability, feedback sessions and a wonderful community! Our team are focused on helping you stay in the #NoFaffZone and to #DoTheWork so you get better results and overcome challenges quicker and easier.


Everyone launches together at the same time

Instead of going it all alone – we recommend you launch in line with our group launch dates (the end of May) because the collective energy of the community going through the same things at the same time means you’ll feel more energised, more motivated and more supported. Launching in May also gives you a two week break at Easter so you come back rested and energised and ready to run your launch experience.

We’ll be there with daily coaching calls during the key launch weeks in May because the daily tasks you’ll undertake at that time will determine your success – we know keeping your head in the game is key to your success.

You’ll have your very own Coach Laura on your shoulder during the times you need her the most.


What if I want to launch before or after May?

Although we’d love for you to launch with us at the same time as we ramp up to DAILY coaching calls during key weeks in May for even more support, we know that some folks will want to launch in April or in June.

In the beginning of our two week implementation break, we open up the whole of the program’s training. If you are launching early you will then have the materials you need to have success with your launch. Don’t forget you get lifetime access so you can come back to the content time and time again for your future launches.

If you need to bring in some revenue before your launch we also have a special mission:cashflow bonus designed to help you do just that.


It’s not a course – it’s a coaching-led experience

The reason we only do this program twice a year is because it is a coaching-led experience! With all the moving parts of a launch you will need support and feedback throughout and our students get better results when we’re on the journey with them.

This isn’t a course with thousands of students where you get no access to individual support – we’re there every step of the way guiding you through and you’ll feel like you have us on your team.


By the end of our time together you’re going to say “I love to launch!”.

We’ve included everything you need

Coaching + Training + Materials + Support
12-week Launch Plan

You’re going to get an easy to follow launch plan with a day by day, week by week plan of what you need to create, when to create it and how to move through the 6 stages of the launch with more ease. We teach you our method of launching – The Launch Experience™ Method and you’re going to be taken through how to plan, create and host it.

Daily Coaching during key weeks

Our aim with the program is that you will launch in mid-May to early June, so we host daily coaching calls for 3 weeks to help you keep up your energy, address challenges and make tweaks. Launches can be unpredictable so these calls help you maximise your launch success. It’s like having a launch wing-woman by your side the whole time!

Weekly coaching & recordings

Every Thursday morning and evening UK time you can join a live group coaching call with Laura. The live coaching calls are there to help you go deeper on the training and to answer all your individual questions so you are making huge leaps forward every week. This is your chance to get work reviewed and challenges solved fast!

Student Community

Not only are you going to be embarking on this journey with Laura by your side, you’re going to be on it with an amazing friendly community of people who cheer you on and support you through the challenges. We’ll have a private community for the program so you can easily connect with other students in the program.

Launch swipes & templates

You’ll get access to a whole library of swipes and templates so you can take tried and tested materials and use them in your launch. Everything from emails, social media posts, advert copy, landing pages and launch event scripts will be provided so you can shortcut your own success. And you’ll be taught the strategy behind them so you become a launch pro.

Tech Training & Tutorials

We know that it’s the tech that often causes the most challenges for people in their launches so not only will be sharing our top tools with you but we’ll also show you shortcuts on how to use them. We’ve got tutorials covering everything from Facebook ads, to live calls to creating design assets.

Community Mentor

In addition to having Laura by your side coaching you through the process, you’ll also have the wonderful Susan Doerkson Castro. Susan will be there to help you navigate the program for better, faster and easier results. We know what challenges can crop up during the launch so with Susan’s extensive coaching background, she’ll help you keep moving forwards too.

Copy, ad & tech clinics

Although we teach you everything you need in the program there is nothing quite like getting an experts eyes on your copy, ad strategies and fixing tech for your launch! Throughout the program we host a number of clinics to help you optimise your launch and I bring in my trusted circle of launch professionals to help you along the way.

Learn your way

We know that different people like to work in different ways so each no-fluff, no-jargon, lesson has a variety of assets to make your life even easier. You can download lessons in both a written or audio format for learning on the go, and we also provide slides and workbooks so you can learn at your own pace and deepen your launch knowledge.

Add our Launch Kit – let us take care of the tech

No need to worry about any of the “tech bits” because our tech kit contains everything you need already set up for you!

The #1 thing we get asked by our students is “Can we have your landing page / sales page templates?”.

Our Love To Launch Launchkit is now available to you including all of our tried and tested web-based pages that you will need for your launch – all built into your own custom website. It includes all your event pages, sales page, registration pages and handy pages to boost the experience of your launch.

They are built on WordPress for ease, are fully editable and customisable with your own colours, fonts and branding with a simple page builder and removes the need to have any expensive monthly subscriptions or developer costs!

Not only will you get all the templates you could need – but also a full course on how to use them ( you could even give your VA access to this!)

Because we know that not everyone needs this, instead of bumping up the price of the program we’ve added it as a special upgrade.

If you’ve ever asked a designer for a single sales page to be designed and built, you’ll know be looking at a £1000 minimum fee but more than likely up to £2000-£3000 region!

This is an optional add-on for £297 a year and you’ll receive updates and new templates in the future when they’re released – add it to your order when you checkout.

When you join now you get these amazing bonuses

Yours free to help you take your launches to the next level!

Full launch ads plan & training

If you want to use the power of Facebook and Instagram ads to build your list, promote your launch, boost consumption and get more conversions… you’re going to love this extra special bonus. You’ll get a full paid traffic plan with easy to follow training to help you implement it. You’ll also get all of Laura’s top performing ads from her own launches!

Value – £697

Jasmine Star class – exclusively for our students!

MASTERCLASS BONUS: Promote your launch using Instagram

Jasmine celebrating her BEST LAUNCH EVER in January under Laura’s guidance in January and has since gone on to smash a 7-figure lanch! When you join LLT you’ll get her exclusive training that was created only for our students to help you use Instagram to organically promote your launch.

Value – £497

Mission: Cashflow Training

Need to boost your income before you launch? You’re not alone! Many of our students are in the same boat so we include a special bonus to help you create revenue in advance of your launch.

Full of mindset tips, profit-planning and profit-boosting strategies and lots of promotional ideas – this bonus is designed to help you bring in the moolah in our signature “fun and easy” way.

Value – £497

Affiliate / JV launch masterclass

Laura is nicknamed “Conversion Queen” in the online world because of her reputation for ROCKING launches as an affiliate partner to some of the biggest names in the business world!

In this bonus class you’ll discover how to create new revenue streams in your business by selling other people’s products and how to run affiliate launches for yourself! This includes Laura’s affiliate launch blueprint that has helped me generate a 6-figure income in affiliate marketing. If you’re thinking of bringing in affiliates to your launches this is the bonus you need!

Value – £697

When you pay in full there are some extra bonuses

Valued at £1391, yours free in addition to all the other standard bonuses – only when you pay in full
Podcast version of the program

Learn on the go with the podcast version of the program! We created a podcast version to work like a normal podcast on your own podcast software – meaning you can listen to the course when convenient to you. You get access to the FULL audio before the content is released giving you an incredible headstart in the program.

Valued at £397

Search inside our videos

Imagine being able to not only search through the course, but being able to search for keywords INSIDE the video and with the touch of a button go straight to the part of the video where that keyword is mentioned! Invaluable for speed of implementation and troubleshooting – this tool will make your launch life much easier.

Valued at £497

Launch Checklists

Imagine all the things you could possibly need to do during your launch in online fully editable checklists! We’re making it even easier for you by giving you all of our task checklists throughout all the stages of your launch. You can even add your own tasks, create a valuable asset for your business.

Valued at £497

And our students are rocking their launches…


We believe in transparency so we ask our students to share their results with us, and we’re thrilled to share the results of the launches from our students so far. Many of these students had never launched before.

They each achieved an average total sales of £24,983 per launch.

They achieved an average of a 9% conversion – 4.5x the industry average of 1-2%.

They brought in 5282 new customers into their business

They generated 85,178 leads and wowed them during their experiences

And they generated a total of £2,502,422 in sales!

Are you going to be our next success story?

Who Laura has helped to launch

“Thanks to Laura’s guidance – we had our best launch ever and I finally love launches!”

I have had really successful launches but by the end of them I was always stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed and no matter how good the result that always made me feel disappointed. I’m here today having had our best launch ever under Laura’s guidance and I can finally say “I love to launch”.

Not only did we have our best launch ever, not only did we feel so pumped and excited delivering the launch, but we were unbelievably amazed at the results. What Laura did was empower me and my team to do this again and again – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Laura for this. I can’t wait to launch again.

Jasmine Star – Business Strategist – jasminestar.com

“I had no idea my success was going to happen so fast!”

Within just 12 weeks I followed Laura’s launch plan to sell a course and made $7,000 in sales. I thought only 3 people would sign up, I wasn’t expecting 15! I spent nothing on ads and I didn’t create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen. I’m so excited to relaunch my course and running my first in-person workshops this year – people are asking for more and more!…

Working with Laura keeps me sane, and more importantly gives me the guts to just go for it! Laura’s attentiveness is amazing and it doesn’t feel like we are all in different time zones and we all feel so connected.

When you really to commit to serving your community and work with Laura to launch an offer; its gold.

Yasmine Cheyenne – Author and Spiritual Teacher

“I had my most fun and easy launch ever – what Laura has created is so special”

I’m quite experienced with launches, but I got to a point this year, where I wanted to make sure that what I was doing wasn’t stale. What Laura has created so special and it brought 15 perfect people into my mastermind and it was my most fun and easy launch ever.

I think going through it together, is incredibly powerful because no matter how experienced you are, you are always going to get challenges cropping up.

Laura really keeps her eye on the pulse, she comes up with some amazing strategies to deal with different issues and that is why we call her Launch Queen!

Gemma Went – Business Mentor & Growth Strategist

“I launched a new group program from zero, within 6 weeks, and made £4500 in sales!”

My very first launch was a total flop, it was exhausting and when I opened cart and nothing worked. Laura helped me to launch in 6 weeks and I made £4500! She has helped me see that launches can be authentic, and that I can be the real me, and that it is not about the sale but about the experience. Much of my advertising was from organic reach and getting to know people and making new friends – it was so simple.

The swipe files are amazing and the coaching calls are great – she is available so often to answer those questions that Google couldn’t answer. If you are sitting on the fence and wondering whether Laura is the right fit for you, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She is exceptional at what she does, has the most amazing knowledge and a true expert. Not only that but she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but will also give you a nudge when you need it.

Helen Hopkins – The Balance Coach

“Before Laura I had never had a successful launch – now everything has changed”

I launched three times before Laura and all three times the experience was abysmal. I didn’t break the four-figure mark, even though I was launching with the guidance of experts, and I hated the whole experience. I was frustrated and feeling hopeless about launching.

I realized Laura does things differently and she has such a unique, expert view on launches. The moment I entered her world, I knew I had finally found something that would work. And working with her is just incredible. She knows so much and she has a heart of gold. The combination of those two things has been so helpful to me because launching is emotional AND requires a lot of know-how.

Being able to make that much has completely changed my life because I can now pay my bills and take a deep breath. It’s taken my business to the next level and I can now keep on doing the things I love.

The resources that guide me through things and show me how it’s done…but also the interaction I get with Laura herself.

It’s so rare to find a program where you actually get to interact so much with the founder. Having access to Laura is a game-changer. I had a moment of panic during my launch when I thought things might be going south…I reached out to Laura and she talked me through it and really helped change my perspective. If I hadn’t had the opportunity to reach out to her, it would have been very stressful.

If you want to launch successfully and are tired of trying to figure it out on your own or frustrated by the lack of results, join LLT. I was serious about my business and tired of failure so I took the leap and it’s been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made hands-down. Launch with Laura!!

Adrienne Luedeking – Freelancer Coach and founder of Fruitfully Alive

“I’ve gone from 5-figure to 6-figure+ launches and built a business I love”

Laura helped me to not only go from a 5-figure to 6-figure launch, but helped me build a business I love. That’s why she’s different from other marketers. At the time Laura’s VIP offer was the biggest investment I had ever made up till then, but I made my investment back within weeks – but that was just the start!”

After my first launch we looked at ways to scale and Laura pushed me to find affiliates and different ways to do it. I found a YouTuber and we partnered up. I was considering lowering my prices as I wasn’t sure how it would go, but Laura encouraged me not to lower the value. Because of that my revenue was so much higher, and I had my first $6-figure launch!

Lukas Van Vyve – Creator of the Effortless Conversations Method

“Despite having no audience and being completely new to launches, I made $11,000 in sales from my first launch

I had not long left my corporate career of 19 years and launched my privacy consultancy when I started working with Laura as my coach. It was scary to launch, I had no audience and I just wasn’t sure anyone would buy. But within 3 months Laura helped me develop a live workshop and privacy training kit generating $11,000 in sales.”

Armed with my strong “why” and some amazing launch strategies from Laura, I got it out there. I learnt how to nurture and I feel like I have so much more confidence and experience to package all of this together and sell it. None of this would have happened without the encouragement and belief from Laura. I didn’t know what I was doing but she helped deliver a successful launch and answered thousands of questions!

Jodi Daniels – Privacy Consultant, founder of Red Clover Advisors

“I’ve gone from wanting to quit my business to £85k and then £96k in my last two launches!

As an offline childcare training agency, I knew we weren’t tapping into the huge online training market enough. Before Laura, I was frazzled with working 70 hour weeks, now I’ve had my biggest launch to date (£96,000). I’ll work with Laura for as long as she coaches!

I’ve had so much clarity on how to move forward and it’s great to be able to take a step back too, and just breathe. I now feel more in control and have a true sense of potential, I get excited about marketing! I’m constantly learning and implementing and not wasting money on resources.

I love being part of a group of intelligent business owners where I get high-quality advice and feeling part of a community.

Emma Dewey – Director of BabyEm Childcare Training Agency

“In my first launch I welcomed 35+ people into my retreat and made close to 10,000 Euro!”

I had never done a laugh before and my experience of working with Laura has been fantastic! 

In my first launch I welcomed 35+ people into my retreat and made close to 10,000 Euro. In the second launch, I had 10 returning people and 21 new sign ups.

My confidence is having a dream/vision and making it happen has been a game changer for me. Now I feel like the sky’s the limit of what I can achieve. Laura is an upbeat, encouraging, and generous person. She shows up and gives her all to help us achieve our goals. This has uplifted me and at crucial times given the needed boost to keep going to build my online business

Elizabeth Brass – Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher + Certified Yoga Therapist

I now have 50 people in my membership! Your life will be changed. Mine has.”

Before, I had a failed launch. I got a big fat ZERO. Second launch – got 12 founding members. Then I started working with Laura.  I learnt to look at the conversations rather than the number of people. My conversions range from 3.5% (cold audience), to 14% of warm audience. The last program I ran had over 60 participants. I now have 50 people in my membership, creating deeper service and transformation for them.

Let’s Launch Together® goes step by step into layering the launch so it’s simple and clear. The daily huddles are the best – in the launch, having someone on tap to clear any issues that are arising.

Your life will be changed. Mine has. Laura will meet you where you’re at, and support you heading to your dreams. It’s 100% worth leaping in, getting engaged, and sharing vulnerably where you’re at. No need to look good or be perfect. Just be you! And allow her to guide you to your greatness.

Zariya Lufu – Therapeutic Coach

“The best part of Let’s Launch Together® was being able to focus on serving our customers and members with an open heart

“I did a lot of launches but had the feeling some fun, structure is missing to really scale it easily. Because of Let’s Launch Together® I had a great launch with a lot of ease – and that with all the Corona crazyness. The numbers were not as good as my last launch, but it took way less effort.

There was structure & fun. My engagement was focused on personal conversations. In my community there was better engagement and results in the course after the launch. Simply Amazing Testimonials.

The best part of Let’s Launch Together® was being able to focus on serving our customers, members with an open heart! I love Laura’s energy and her view on online business and launches. For me it’s the new way and it shows in my personal energy in the launch.

Laura definitely brought more LOVE TO LAUNCH into my life. Thank you so much for the change you bring to the world – more needed than ever.”

Maria Husch – Room Expert

I had a 10% conversion on a beta launch of my program Love Going Live. Then I got the confidence to create a  membership which brings £4K/mth

I had never done a launch before, I was way too scared that I was gonna have to put myself up there and possibly fail in front of everyone.

I learnt failure is part of success but more than anything Let’s Launch Together® literally gives you everything you need: weekly step by step tasks and checklists, coaching obviously and the LaunchKit.

I had a 10% conversion on beta launch of my program Love Going Live. Then 3% from launch experience. Then I got the confidence to create a  membership which brings £4K/mth

I get to be me and build a business of BFFs that buy from me. I have freedom, my zone of genius and my membership is a great funnel for private coaching clients.

Working with Laura is the easiest feeling. I never have to pretend to be anything I’m not. All the love. Plus her brain is frickin awesome.

If you’re scared, or feel like maybe you’re not hitting the mark, or you know you’ve got it in you but just need a concrete plan and the support of the most loving kind mentor then this is for you. Now is your time. I don’t think you could get any better. In fact I know you couldn’t. Trust Laura. Do what she tells you to. Every little thing. And it will come.”

Kerrie Leather – The Marketing Mojo Mentor

I welcomed 73 people into my group program, I loved having an actual plan that saw me follow through to completion!”

“I have done lots of launches. All spontaneous fly by seat of the pants with varying results. I needed the step by step and holding to the vision that launching could be fun. 

After Let’s Launch Together®, I welcomed 73 people into my group programme. The program has set me up for an easy launch in October now that the bulk of the work is done and assets created. Launching gets to be structured and focused now. I loved having an actual plan that saw me follow through to completion without going off piste for the first time ever! 

Laura is a powerful coach who holds a higher vision for you to aspire to. She’s an incredible cheerleader and loving butt kicker where its needed!”

Laura Husson – Subconscious Transformation Coach

We have so many success stories we can’t fit them all on one page

Is the program right for you?

Let’s Launch Together is a good fit if…

You have an offer you want to launch and you want to launch it around May.

You are coachable and have an attitude of “I’m going to try brave new things”.

You’re sick of online courses – this is not a course, its a coaching program.

You’ve been burned in the past by “online programs” that don’t work and ripped off by gurus, and you need a mentor on your side that you can trust.

You won’t quit if things don’t work first time round – marketing is a test!

You want coaching and training to help you implement your launches and you’re willing to put in the work required.

You’re tired of all the online marketing B.S and you want to launch in a way that feels great to you and your audience.

Let’s Launch Together is not a good fit if…

You want someone to implement everything for you, you’re better off hiring a team to do that for you.

You want a coach that will wrap things up in cotton wool. Everything I say comes from a place of love, but sometimes Coach Phillips will kick butt and make you do things you don’t want to do and call you out on any B.S stories you’re telling yourself! (Yes, we all do it!)

You want instant results – I’m not a get rich quick coach. Building a business takes patience and consistency, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

You don’t fully believe in your product / service. Integrity is key in what we do round here, and if you’re not sure your product or service will even deliver results – you shouldn’t be selling it.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask before you join…

Your investment options

Let's Launch Together

6 payments of £277 or 12 payments of £147... PAY IN FULL £1497 and save £165!

  • The Launch Experience Method™ Launch Plan
  • 3 month coaching program
  • Step by Step online training
  • Training Workshops & Accountability calls
  • Tried & tested templates and swipes
  • Easy to follow tech tutorials
  • Weekly live coaching calls with Laura
  • Supportive student community
  • Daily Coaching calls in May to boost your results
  • PLUS - bonuses worth up to £4776
Your launch journey starts here...

You’re in great hands here…

Todd Herman, Entrepreneur, investor and creator of the 90 Day Year

Laura not only has the tactical skills to get results but can deliver strategies anyone can use over again.

— Todd Herman, Entrepreneur, investor and creator of the 90 Day Year.

Ryan Levesque, best selling author of "Ask" and founder of the Ask Method

Laura drops some of the most epic knowledge-bombs about launches. I’m so grateful for her contributions.

— Ryan Levesque, best selling author of “Ask” and founder of the Ask Method


As well as robust launch frameworks Laura adds in a huge amount of creativity to help you elevate your launch results.

— Gemma Went, Award Winning Business & Mindset Mentor.


I generated £4940 in sales in my first launch following Laura’s launch strategies. She’s an amazing coach and I can’t imagine where I’d be without her.

— Dominique Mullally, Wealth Coach


I came to Laura when I was struggling with my business, and my confidence. Now I’m on the other side of a successful launch and things are very different – I credit her as a huge part of that.

— Dan Netting, Life at Lean founder


My launch results speak for themselves. I’ve completed several live launches and launched two evergreen online courses. I couldn’t recommend Laura enough.

— Emma Dewey, Director – Babyem


Laura is the most incredible coach you could ever wish for. I credit her for the success I’ve had with my launches and absolutely love having her as a mentor – truly she’s more like a best friend.

— Heather Angell, Productivity Coach & Founder of Focused and Fearless


Laura totally transformed my business helping me launch a new idea from scratch. I totally trust her and she genuinely cares about your success. Don’t hesitate to work with her…she’s the best!

— Donna Wotjas, Founder of Savvy Wedding Pro


Laura’s guidance and coaching is phenomenal and I love that she encourages us to launch with integrity and heart. She’s the best cheerleader but will also point out when you are telling yourself stories. I cannot recommend Launch & Thrive or Laura highly enough!

— Claire Brett, Business Mindset Coach

And so you feel safe about your investment…

We know that investing in a program might feel scary so we have included a #NoFailLaunch guarantee to help you feel at ease about your investment.

Simply put, Let’s Launch Together works. It works because we are constantly optimising our strategies and techniques to help you to craft a unique and powerful launch experience.

If you do the program, show up and #DoTheWork and follow our launch plan – and you don’t get a result, we’ll happily refund you if it doesn’t work for you.

But it only works if you do the work so in order to receive a refund then you will need to show us that you’ve followed the program and have been #DoingTheWork.

We’re proud to have an incredible program that delivers results and we know you’re going to love working with us, and the results at the end of our journey together.


What are the program dates?

The program begins on March 1st. You’ll be aiming to launch at the end of May, and we take a 2 week break at Easter so you can rest before your launch / catch up if you have lots of commitments this Spring.


Do prices include VAT?

Yes our prices are inclusive of VAT – we’ll send you a VAT invoice breakdown afterwards and if you are an eligible EC business eligible please send us your VAT number to support@lovetolaunch.com and we’ll refund the VAT.


How do I know if a launch is right for my product?

Launches are amazing for most products, especially for offers like courses, programs, events, coaching, membership, events, masterminds and digital products but sometimes there are products that aren’t a good fit e.g an e-commerce store with physical products available all the time. If you aren’t sure, drop us an email and we can have a chat first.


I don’t have any marketing experience and / or I hate tech – is this right for me?

Many of our students say they “hate launches” before they start working with us (even 7-figure launch leaders!) – but the thing we always focus on is simplicity because it you’re stressed, your launch won’t feel as fun = not a great launch. We’ve turned tech-hating, marketing newbies into launch lovers and we can’t wait to show just how easy it can be. You’ll be coached through it all with easy-to-follow training and lots of support in the community too.


How much money do I need to invest in my launches?

Many of the early launch styles don’t need any investment because you can use organic traffic. Our approach is to scale your launches over time by investing more profit in line with your growth. Many of the tools we recommend are free or low-cost because we’d rather you invest money in the right places – like building your audience. Investing in ads will give you speed of growth but because we focus on high conversions many students have amazing results with small ad budgets.


What is your refund policy?

You have 7 days to decide if the program is right for you and can contact us for a full refund. After 7 days, no refunds are allowed but if you do the work and the program doesn’t work for you we will happily refund you.


Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Laura?

Only VIP’s get private 1:1 coaching calls with laura, but the coaches are extremeley active in the community and you have mutiple group coaching calls with Laura. You’ll always feel like you’re getting personal support unlike other online programs where you’re left to learn on your own. Members also get access to discounted live event tickets throughout the year.


Will I really be able to launch in 12 weeks?

Yes! Absolutely! Many of our students have actually launched in a lot less time than that, but we have built a 12 week launch plan so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you’re prepared to put in the work, be brave and stay focused then there is no reason why you can’t successfully launch during the live program but sometimes life happens and that’s why we have lifetime access to the online training and materials.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to the online training and website with all the resources, assets and templates so you can keep going through the program as many times as you want in the future! We have live coaching and support until June, and the community will stay open till mid-June and when that ends you’ll have the opportunity to join Launch and Thrive to continue the journey with us.

When are the live calls and what if I can’t attend any?

You will receive a schedule once we have a better guage of the timezones we need to cover. We switch things up on different days. Not everyone attends every session, some don’t attend any, which is why we have instant replays available after every session so you can still get your questions answered multiple times a week. We recommend busy people to not attend live and instead submit their question in advance and then check back on the recording afterwards for speed.


Do I need any software or tools to get started?

You can start off with completely free tools and we’ll explain when the best time is to upgrade to ones with better functionality. Most of the tools we recommend are either free or very low-cost – we also test new tools regularly so you are always up to date with the latest strategies.


How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

Any growing business should dedicate at least one day a week to marketing. Many students choose a dedicated “launch strategy day” as it means you can get fully focused on your launch. We also have many folks who are launching alongside other commitments so they spread their time out throughout the week.


I haven’t launched before, is it right for me?

Abso-freaking-lutely!! Many of our students and best successes started at zero and quickly gone from 4 figures to 5 figures and beyond! You’re going to be in the right place to learn how to do things the right way and we break everything down into super simple steps so you can follow it with ease. We have students who have launched with less than 8 hours a week so we recommend to dedicate at least that and then clear a week to go all in your launch event itself. If you’re launching, Let’s Launch Together will remove a lot of work for you rather than just adding learning time to your plate.


I want to scale my launches, is it right for me?

Yes! Our members are scaling and crushing their launches to 6-figures and beyond. In the more advanced stages of launch strategy we focus on JV / Affiliate launches and the more advanced strategies to help you scale with more ease. If you are wanting to scale fast, the VIP Upgrade could be great for you.


What is a launch experience?

A Launch Experience is our way of launching. Launches have changed a lot and a really light, fun and highly engaging launch that removes a lot of the moving parts and reduces the stress. Its an easy launch event that you’ll be taught how to deliver and you will LOVE learning how to serve your audience in this way. They are very low-tech so you can focus on what you do best – serving your audience and building relationships!


I’m going away this Spring, can I catch up?

We actually have a two week break at Easter so team Love To Launch can have a break before your launch so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up if you are taking a vacation. We don’t believe in the constant hustle, so that break in the middle of the program is really important to us too 🙂

Got more questions?

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